cPanel Based BDIX Reseller Hosting


৳749 / Mo

  • 12 GB SSD Storage
  • 2 TB Bandwith
  • 10 cPanel Account
  • White Level Branding
  • Own Nameserver

৳1850 / Mo

  • 25 GB SSD Storage
  • 5 TB Bandwith
  • 20 cPanel Account
  • White Level Branding
  • Own Nameserver

৳3550 / Mo

  • 50 GB SSD Storage
  • 5 TB Bandwith
  • 40 cPanel Account
  • White Level Branding
  • Own Nameserver

৳6550 / Mo

  • 100 GB SSD Storage
  • 7 TB Bandwith
  • 70 cPanel Account
  • White Level Branding
  • Own Nameserver

Resource Limit Per cPanel

🧿 Baby Starter Standard Extreme
Ram 2 2 2 2
CPU 1 1 1 2
Entry Process 20 20 30 40
I/O 5 MB/s 5 MB/s 5 MB/s 10 MB/s
SSL (free)
Multi PHP Version
Firewall IP Unblock Feature

Your Business Friendly
BDIX Reseller Hosting

We offer two types of BDIX reseller hosting to accelerate your business. If your business is small then start with our Pay As You Go package and if you have a fixed customer base then you can take your business one step further with our regular reseller hosting. For manage your customers seamlessly we will provide you full control of your reseller panel with WHM.
The use of modern technology has increased the efficiency of our servers which is why we are able to guarantee you 99.9% uptime


Why BDIX Reseller Hosting

here are some of the thousands of reasons why you should use BDIX Reseller Hosting.

Solid State Drives

BDIX Reseller Hosting servers have built-in SSDs for better performance and reliability. SSD drives are extremely fast and durable. It uses flash technology that helps improve your page load speed.

Free Migration

We can move all your site without causing any downtime, within no time, for free. Just open a ticket in our friendly 24/7 Support team requesting the transfer, and we will move your site for you.

Friendly Control Panel

All reseller plans include cPanel / WHM access at no extra cost. Create and manage accounts through your WHM admin panel, set up custom nameservers, view your resource usage, and more.


CloudLinux doesn't allow a single account to be overloaded and drops a server that interrupts service for all other clients on the same server. CloudLinux allocates resources to each account and disconnects them, thus preventing it from affecting the overall performance of the server.

Free SSL

All Business hosting comes with Domain Validated Comodo-signed SSLs, making your website a lot more trustable when requesting customers’ contact details, passwords, or payment information.

24x7 Customer Support

Our 24x7 customer support team provides round-the-clock service for all our customers. Whenever you face any issue with your reseller panel or any of your clients face any issue, our expert reseller support desk will always be there for solving all your problems.

Extra Care For Your Business

we always careful about your business because we believe every business built on trust and hardwork.

Proactive Monitoring

We proactively monitor reseller hosting server and fix things when they go wrong.

Use And Pay

Under our pay as you go package you don't need to pay before create a cPanel.

Instant Activation

No need to talk to support, 2 minute account activation at the payment reception.

Frequently Asked Quetions

learn more about BDIX Reseller Hosting service and get answer about general question.

What is BDIX Reseller Hosting?

BDIX reseller hosting usually looks like a normal reseller hosting but here are some great facts about this hosting. First, BDIX reseller hosting is built with BDIX connectivity which gives the best performance to your users if your business is based in Bangladesh. And the second is that with BDIX Reseller Hosting you can easily expand your hosting business in Bangladesh market..

What is BDIX Hosting?

BDIX is the leading Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in Bangladesh. Local data is connected to about 3500 Bangladeshi internet service providers to prevent international routing. BDIX creates a kind of virtual network through which you can easily download any file from their server in a very short time and at a very fast speed. The servers covered by this network are called BDIX Hosting.

What are the benefits of BDIX Hosting?

Users of ISP network in Bangladesh will be able to browse 200 times faster. Due to low latency, traffic routing is very fast. If the global network speed is 100 Mbps and BDIX is up to 1 Gbps. That's why the website loads very fast. Even if the global internet is a problem for any reason keeping your site on BDIX hosting will be normal. Visits will be at normal speed.

When do I have to pay for cPanel under Pay As You Go Reseller?

For example, if you create a cPanel under your Pay As You Go Reseller Hosting on June 27, we calculate the bill in the next month's invoice that is generated on the first of the following month. And if cPanel creation date is 13 of the previous month , we also count same bill for both.

Complete BDIX Hosting Solutions In Your Budget

Don't worry about pricing. We never surpirse you with unethical price range. We know your need. So, we design all the hosting solution as per your requerment. Signin or signup with us and host your dream now.