BDIX Web Hosting’s guarantee of quality (SLA) covers all offers and products provided by BDIX Web Hosting. This agreement defines quality standards that BDIX Web Hosting guarantees to deliver to its customers.

These quality standards include items such as network and server availability, customer support and the backup of data stored on BDIX Web Hosting’s servers.
Our SLA covers:
14-day money back guarantee
Network and server availability
Support response times
Data backup

14 Day Money Back Guarantee
The «14-day money back guarantee» is valid for all hosting and reseller products. As a new customer, you have the opportunity to cancel your contract during the first 14 days after placing your order.

Should you not be happy with the hosting and reseller products, you may cancel your contract during the first 14 days after placing your order. The cancellation must be submitted in writing and on time. .

Nonconformity with the general terms and conditions, deficient service provision resulting from improper operation/use of the hosting platform and the domain registration fee are excluded from the guarantee.

Network and Server Availability
BDIX Web Hosting guarantees a network infrastructure availability of 99.99% for hosting and reseller hosting products. Our network infrastructure consists of all those components in our datacenters that are responsible for an orderly connection to the Internet. The smooth functioning of the associated hardware and software is included.

The guaranteed network availability is measured over one calendar year (12 months). Measurements are taken every minute, every day of the year. The availability is monitored and documented across the internet connection by an independent provider.

If we do not attain the defined level of network availability, our customers may extend their contract by one month for free. If any such shortfall of the guaranteed availability is discovered, a complaint must be submitted in writing to BDIX Web Hosting within seven(7) days of the discovery.

Interruptions resulting from announced maintenance for ensuring continued service or for dealing with serious DDOS attacks and downtimes that can be traced to an intention to harm are excluded. Interruptions to availability resulting from such eventualities shall not be considered downtimes but rendered service.

Support response times
As a rule, BDIX Web Hosting promises to respond to customer requests within a maximum of 30 minutes and resolution time 24 hours.

Support requests are to be submitted using the relevant ticketing system or directly via our contact department’s email.

Data Backup
BDIX Web Hosting runs daily backups of the entire server infrastructure. To ensure optimal backups, the backup system is distributed across different, physically separated datacenters.

All data from web accounts, databases and email accounts is backed up. Backups begin daily at 12 am and overwrite the backup of the previous day.

In addition to this, daily backups are archived at irregular intervals and kept for a maximum period of one month. The service guarantee does not apply to backups that are older than one day.

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